Custom design information

Interested in custom design? Let us guide you!
Simply fill out our form and provide us with all the details that matter to you - from your preferred color scheme and style, to any special features, background or personal touches you'd like to include (the more details you write, the more we will understand). Our talented team will get to work and create a custom design that's tailored just for you, and we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Any details you provide us are important and will be consulted.

What will you get?

The download link contains:
high-resolution (4096x4096px) PNG format (the resolution may vary due the image ratio) set on bright canvas.

We offer personalized pricing for every custom tattoo design based on the style, complexity, and time spent on its creation, as well as the number of designs you'd like to have. The price usually varies from 7€ for minimalistic tattoo design, to 20€ for complex/large cross body tattoos.

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